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Manik Designs for Bronx Shoes

Designer, Huseyin Manik, shares his journey from fashion student to big label designer and reveals the AW17/18 trends.

Reporter: Pinar Djafer | Sub-Editor: Amina Sadik

Huseyin Manik has been designing for Bronx two years.
Huseyin Manik has been designing for Bronx for two years. (Credit: Huseyin Manik)

“I was always into sketching and fashion. The passion is embedded into you at birth,” said Manik, “It’s the experiences you get in life, the lessons you learn and the confidence you build that enable you to turn that passion into a career.”

Bronx is a 125-year-old brand, selling across 50 countries around the globe. They pride themselves on “searching for the unique” and specifically appointed Manik for the role of designer.

Source: Bronx Shoes
Credit: Bronx Shoes

As well as pressure, deadlines and sore fingers, Manik’s career is full of excitement, traveling and art. “My Monday mornings are a continuation from Sunday night. The designs I produce for fun become the work that I push to my bosses for the next best thing.”

Manik says Riva del Garda, Italy was a nice place to have a meeting.
Manik said Riva del Garda in Italy was a nice place to have a meeting. (Credit: Huseyin Manik)

On some days, Manik is in London, producing trend forecasts on styles that are released by high end brands. On other days he is in Brazil, sketching the new collection from inspirational pieces that he gathers. Then he’ll fly out to China and India to visit his factories and check samples for perfection.

Bronx’s factories are based in China for PU shoes and India, Brazil and Portugal for leather. Manik ensures that the samples are flawless. While he’s abroad he also attends all the big trade fairs and shows.

Huseyin Manik drew all throughout his early years.
Huseyin Manik drew all throughout his early years. (Credit: Huseyin Manik)

“I studied Fashion and Textiles at the London College of Fashion. When I got my degree, I didn’t know what to do next. I decided to study further in Italy and spent five months in Milan designing and making patterns. It was at the grand footwear fair in Milan that I came across the Bronx stand. It was special. The company later approached me out of blue. It was as though it was meant to be.”

Manik says, “I was always into sketching and fashion."
Manik said: “I was always into sketching and fashion.” (Credit: Huseyin Manik)

Manik designs full collections for the high street and private collection of Bronx. He is mostly known for designing the light-up trainers used at the closing of the Rio Olympics this year. Right now, he’s busy working on an explosion for the AW17/18 collection.

“All I can reveal is that the grunge look is back in town, but with a much more feminine feel. We’re talking biker boots with gems, pearls and other embellishment. The 70’s inspired and city western styles are still prominent looks. The biggest trend will continue to be sport and for colours, we’ll see a lot of dark reds, vintage greens, mustard, pastel blue, whisky browns and, of course, black.”

Manik's Light-Up trainers featured in Topshop's Glow collection.
Manik’s Light-Up trainers featured in Topshop’s Glow collection. (Credit: Me)

“The hard thing in fashion is keeping up with trends. The even harder thing is to create your own and for it to work. I like to turn normal objects into works of art. When I designed the light-up trainers, it was just the combination of sport with lights. It just worked.”

“It’s important as a designer of Bronx to think big, get out of your comfort zone, do your research and understand women.”