Louis Theroux just recorded some of his greatest ever footage – as requested by Twitter

Louis Theroux, known for being one of the best documentary makers and simultaneously a very effortlessly funny man, may have just recorded some of his best footage yet.

With countless online Twitter accounts praising Theroux and adding to the humour of his character, he picked up on the below tweet yesterday.

It’s not the first of its kind either, the Louis Theroux Bot produces several imaginary and incredibly random documentary introductions.

Theroux was up for recording the tweet, under the condition that his tweet got enough retweets. And with over 45,000 retweets and 47,000 favourites, the condition was firmly met.

Despite making some documentaries that led to the winning of BAFTAs and a nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award, the recording didn’t arise without complication.

The documentary maker finally came through, introducing a very special character, ‘Hannah’, in his famous, serious and very best Theroux voice.

Now, that’s an episode of Weird Weekends I’d like to see.

Words: Charlotte Racher  | Subbing: Joshua Hornsey

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