Wednesday, September 26The Voice of London

London Hotel Boom

The number of hotel rooms in London is predicted to rise by 12% in the next three years.
Words: Tessa Ross, Subeditor: Eireann Beardon

Source: Ian Dick/Flickr
Source: Ian Dick/Flickr

New data collected by London & Partners and AM:PM suggests that the growth in hotel rooms in the capital is thanks to a boost in budget and five star accommodation. Currently there are 138,769 hotel rooms in London, but extensions and plans for new properties will add 17,769 rooms to the city.

London & Partners is the official promotional company for London. They aim to attract visitors, build international reputation and boost investment. Tracy Halliwell, director of business tourism and major events said: “With the rising number of business and leisure visitors to London and strong occupancy levels across the city, it is great to see that a range of hotel companies are investing in new properties, catering for the demand for both low-cost and high-end hotels”. This can benefit us Londoners too, as new places inevitably means new jobs.

It seems Londoners are forever making new places popular among themselves for tourists to follow suit. Alan Gordon, director of AM:PM (hotel data and market intelligence) said: “Aldgate, Shoreditch, Vauxhall and Whitechapel are just a few areas that are witnessing exciting change that includes new hotels, many of which are from brands making their UK debut”.

Unluckily for us, more hotel rooms means that London has great potential to get even busier. There are eight new Travelodge hotels set to arise. Premier Inn is also expanding with three new hotels in the pipeline for 2016. More budget hotels mean more room for tourists. Looks like we will have to continue to hide away from places like Oxford Street on weekends.