Friday, June 22The Voice of London

Live from Snapchat: Israeli speaker at UCL causes outrage

Police called to UCL due to “Free Palestine” rage-filled protesters

Reporter: Abigail Megan Widya | Sub-editor: Daniel Khalili-Tari

IDF Humanitarian Officer (res) Hen Mazzig shared his story on working as an intermediary between the Israeli Defence Forces and the Palestinian Authority, the UN and many other concerned bodies.

Today’s guest speaker of UCL’s Israel Society was greeted with vehemence from some members of the university. Raging protesters shouting “free Palestine” surrounded the room where Hen Mazzig gave his speech. Police have been called as the protest was intense,  with those who attended the talk being entrapped within room in which Mazzig was speaking.

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The talk and the event have brought a lot of attention to current, sensitive issues across the globe. Brought to the surface are concerns regarding matters such as freedom of speech, extremism, and racism.