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LIVE FEED: Joe & Caspar’s #HitTheRoad Gets The Red Carpet Treatment

British YouTube sensations, Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee, are hitting the big screens with their feature length film Joe & Caspart Hit The Road. To celebrate its DVD release on 23 November, the boys are going all out with a premier at red carpet hotspot Leicester Square, London.

Words: Alice Marshall


Watch the live stream, starting at 5.30pm GMT, here.

Fellow YouTuber, Jim Chapman, will be hosting and interviewing the boys at 5.45pm GMT.

We’re with you there, Caspar.

Fans share their uncontrollable excitement all over Twitter. Today is the day! #HitTheRoad


Lots of discussion over on Twitter on what our YouTube stars will be wearing tonight. We can’t wait to see the final put together outfits.


The Guardian have hit us with one of the first reviews of Joe & Caspar Hit The Road. Has this got you more excited? Is that even possible at this point?


Zalfie are on their way…


The fans are gathering. Not long now.


The host has arrived!


First glimpses of what those YouTube fashion and beauty gurus are wearing to the premier.


The boys are lining up…

Not long to go now!



Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 17.49.50




And so the red carpet begins (oops, sorry Jim!)…

Our favourite chummies and Zalfie.

The main men themselves: Alfie Deyes, Marcus Butler, Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg and host Jim Chapman.

Fair enough, we’d probably say it was worth it too. That cute selfie though!


Now let the screening commence…


But what was the verdict?

Phew, it’s been a big days for the duo and an even bigger day for Team Internet. We wondered how Joe and Caspar are feeling right now. To be honest, we hope they’re kicking back with a celebratory glass of champagne or a pint. They more than deserve it!

You can get your copy of ‘Joe & Caspar Hit The Road’ from 23 November.