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LIVE: Evening Standard Theatre Awards

This evening some of the biggest stars of stage will gather at the Old Vic with the hope of getting their hands on an Evening Standard Theatre award. We’re going to keep you updated throughout the evening with all of the excitement from the event.

Words: Keziah Leary


That’s all from us this evening, thanks for joining us.


Plenty of mixed reactions on Twitter to the results of this evening.


We though our live coverage of the event was quite entertaining but it seems as though Time Out have been causing a stir on Twitter with their wine-fueled sarcastic rant at the whole event.


All the winners gather on stage for a group photo, aw cute.



The last award of the evening, the Lebedev Award, which celebrates major a achievement in theatre goes to Stephen Sodheim.


Dame Judi Dench and Sir Ian McKellen step up to present the last award of the evening. It does;t get much better than this ladies and gents!


Nicole Kidman is giving the cutest acceptance speech ever!


Matt Henry is very happy with the win for Kinky Boots


Let’s forget for a moment that they’re both married, but wouldn’t James McAvoy and Nicole Kidman have the cutest and most talented children ever! Huge congratulations to both of them for winning tonight.


Best Actress goes to Nicole Kidman (surprise surprise).


And it’s James McAvoy who picks up the coveted prize.


Best Actor award up next… This is going to be a close call.


Imelda Staunton takes to the stage to perform a real treat for the audience, a song from Gypsy. And of course she gets a standing ovation. There’s just under a week left now of her run in the show 🙁


It’s a big award up next, it’s the Best Play which is awarded to The Motherf**ker with the Hat.


And the winner voted by YOU, is… Kinky Boots. That’s a bit of a surprise to us, we were rooting for Bend it Like Beckham but congratulations Kinky Boots. It always seems like a bigger achievement when the public has picked you to win.



On to the one award that the public were allowed to vote for, Evening Standard Radio 2 Audience Award for Best Musical (try saying that quickly). Get your fingers crossed folks, here’s to hoping that your favourite wins.


The award is presented to Robert Icke for Oresteia at the Almedia.


And now, the next award will be the Milton Shulman Award for Best Director.



Ralph Fiennes is up next… but just to present an award at the moment (his chance to win will come later). He presents the Editor’s Award in partnership with The Ivy alongside Joely Richardson to Vanessa Redgrave.



Best Musical Performance is awarded to Imelda Staunton. We’ve very pleased to see this (and not just because we’re still terrified of her from when she played Professor Umbridge in Harry Potter).


A special award up next, the Beyond Theatre award which goes to Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibition which was presented by Salma Hayek (who looks absolutely stunning tonight).


A short break from the awards being announced as Pixie Lott takes to the stage to perform. She’ll be making her West End debut next year as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Maybe this time next year she’ll be back here picking up an award for that?


Next we have the Charles Wintour Award for Most Promising Playwright which goes to Molly Davies for God Bless the Child.


And the award goes to… Gemma Arterton for Made in Dagenham at the Adelphi. To be honest we’re not really surprised with this, was it really going to go to anyone else?


The next award this evening will be presented by Jeremy Irvine and Gemma Chan and will be for  Newcomer in a Musical.


And it’s David Moorst who wins that award for Violence and Son at Royal Court Upstairs.


The next award is going to be the Emerging Talent Award in partnership with Burberry. Nominated for this award are Calvin Demba, Patsy Ferran and David Moorst.


The first award of the night goes to Anna Fleischle for Best Design for Hangmen at the Royal Court.


There’s a lot of love for Rob Brydon tonight, that was a good move from the Evening Standard.



Rob Brydon takes to the stage to begin this evening’s events. Tonight he’ll be hosting the awards alongside Evgeny Lebedev.


It’s lovely to see that people are still thinking about the horrific incident that happened in Paris last weekend. Sometimes it’s easy to think that the world of showbiz isn’t affected by politics and wider issues, but this evening just shows that the arts world does care.


Good luck to everyone nominated this evening. We’re keeping everything we have crossed for you all. But in X-Factor style, it’s time to face the music…



It seems as though the guests are taking a while to eat this evening so we’re just going to have to wait a little bit longer for the awards. Anybody else bored of waiting?!


Photograph 51 are supporting Nicole Kidman tonight via Twitter as she’s up for Best Actress. We have a strong feeling that she may take the award tonight but we’ll just have to wait and see.


There seems to be a lot of rage on Twitter that the awards aren’t available to watch from home. Unfortunately this is often the case with theatre awards folks, but maybe this will change in the future. It would certainly be a blessing to everyone not fortunate enough to get their hands on tickets! And don’t worry, we feel the same way as all of you about this.



There are lots of excited fans on Twitter awaiting the results. There are so many deserving winners at the Old Vic this evening.




Martin Freeman and wife, Amanda Abbington have turned up on the red carpet.


The inside of the Old Vic looks AMAZING tonight. And it’s all starting to fill up very quickly indeed.


James McAvoy has turned up looking as dreamy as ever (although he’s with his gorgeous wife Anne-Marie Duff so unfortunately he’s off limits ladies). Tonight, he’s up for Best Actor for The Ruling Class although it’s going to be a tough competition as he’s against Simon Russell Beale, Kenneth Cranham and Ralph Fiennes.


How would it be a London theatre event without the West End Producer there, dear? Looks like he’ll be on his way to the event shortly.



Nicole Kidman has arrived at the Old Vic looking all loved-up with husband and country singer, Keith Urban. Kidman is nominated for the Best Actress award tonight for her performance in Photograph 51.


The stars are beginning to turn up on the red carpet. Kelly Brookes has even already had an unlucky wardrobe malfunction.



The Old Vic is looking all dressed up for the occasion.



The 61st Evening Standard Theatre awards will officially kick off in an hour’s time and we are SO ready for all of the action. Shortlisted for awards tonight are the likes of Imelda Staunton, Ralph Fiennes, James McAvoy and Nicole Kidman so it’s set to be a very exciting night. Keep watching our live blog as we update you as all the stars arrive and the winners are announced.