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Liberty’s Famous Florals Exclusively On Show

The company celebrates its 140th anniversary with its unique designs on display at the Fashion and Textile Museum.  Liberty’s garments and art fabrics are recognised all around the world.

Words: Aktolkyn Auyen, Subeditor: Michelle Whitney


(Aktolkyn Auyen)
  • Arthur Lasenby Liberty started his own business in 1875

  • The business originally started selling fabrics, ornaments and artistic objects from Japan

  • The store became the most prestigious and fashionable place in London

“Shopping at Liberty is an experience to savour…a perfect clash of innovation, tradition and English eccentricity” – Time Out London. Even after 140 years Liberty has the same values.

A man with a vision, who wanted to transform how we see fashion. This is showcased through his eccentric designs at the exhibition.

The exhibition includes various dresses, gowns, skirts and trendy jackets – in collaboration with famous British brands such as Barbour and Harris Tweed. Young designers, artists and students turned out at the exhibition searching for inspiration.

“Liberty is one of the last great emporiums of its kind left on earth…it’s the most unique store that I have ever come across,” said the managing director, Ed Burstell.

Most of the fabrics are from Butterfield’s collection and serves as a wardrobe for the film industry. (Aktolkyn Auyen)
The new spring collection with collaborated designers. Brands and design houses choose Liberty for its individual blend of tradition and innovation. (Aktolkyn Auyen)
The Aesthetic movement (with which Liberty was allied) promoted a romantic way of dressing. It was the epitomising style for middle and upper-class women in the 1860s. (Aktolkyn Auyen)

Overall, the exhibition demonstrated designs through the years which seemed most popular among its viewers. British history and culture can be relived through its unique combinations. Arthur Liberty’s legacy lives on.

The event can still be attended until the 28th of February.