Tuesday, October 16The Voice of London

Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse: Not A Review

Levi Roots first appeared on the food scene nine years ago, when he stood in front of the Dragons and introduced to the world his ‘Reggae Reggae Sauce’. On the 30th of November Levi Roots opened his first restaurant, in Westfield Stratford City, and we went to check it out.

Words: Toni Hart, Subeditor: Lyubomira Ivanova


Back in July it was announced that Levi Roots would be fulfilling his dream of opening a restaurant, and it would be based in Westfield Stratford City. The restaurant was initially scheduled to open in November, and after months of waiting it was revealed that the Caribbean Smokehouse would be opening later than planned, and was pushed back to December. Fortunately, the building work was completed and the restaurant opened on the 30th of November.

After stalking Twitter patiently for months, we were overjoyed to hear a date had been set for the restaurant opening. A week after the restaurant had opened we went to sample the food and were expecting to be writing rave reviews for this place after all the publicity it had been given.

But I will keep this short. We didn’t get any food.

The restaurant unfortunately do not take bookings, so we arrived just after 8pm to ask for a table. Very quickly a queue began to form, and as the staff tried desperately to seat people it became clear there was a problem.

The restaurant manager approached the queue and informed us there would be up to an hour and a half wait. An hour and a half!

Apparently the kitchen had run out of food and were in the process of preparing more. We were asked if we would like to leave a telephone number and we would be called back when a table and food, were available.

Although we so desperately wanted to sample the food of the Caribbean Smokehouse, we had saved ourselves all day. So we settled for a TGI Fridays instead.

Hopefully one day soon we can eat at the Caribbean Smokehouse and write a much more positive review.