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Let’s Not Do The Time Warp Again

It seems these days nothing can be left alone. The 1975 cult film Rocky Horror Picture Show is the latest classic to be remodeled and shoved down people’s throats.

Reporter: Frances Cullen | Sub-Editor: Hannah Grafton

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Credit: Laverne Cox Twitter @Lavernecox

FOX’s abysmal live tv remake of Grease earlier this year alongside the direction from Kenny Ortega who previous work includes High School Musical, should have been enough indication that this was not going to be the Rocky Horror we all know and love.

As expected, it’s a lot cleaner than the original and is very reminiscent of Glee, another one of FOX’s creations. The sugar-coated style of performance paired with this twisted plot line is an odd combination that leaves the viewer feeling uncomfortable and quite frankly underwhelmed. It’s a brave choice for FOX to attempt to make a family friendly version of a film about a sex-crazed transsexual suitable for 8pm viewing.

Now it’s not all bad. The acting is impressive and Laverne Cox is definitely a stand out as Frank-N-Furter but hers, as well as most of the performances are lacking the gritty and freaky traits that the original is celebrated for. Laverne Cox looks absolutely stunning throughout, which doesn’t exactly make sense especially when you compare her to Tim Curry in the original.

Adam Lambert also delivers a dynamic and exciting performance of Eddie and is perhaps one of the only members of the cast to resemble the original character. His vocals in Hot Patootie are flawless are the whole performance is full of energetic chaos making it one of the stand out scenes in the whole film.

This remake does acknowledge the success of the live show by including clips of an audience in a theatre but because this is a recorded version it just comes across false and awkward. The whole thing just lacks something and doesn’t at all capture the significance of the original or what it really meant.

The show has received very mixed reviews with some who thought it triumphed and others (the majority of us) are simply unable to compare it to the much-loved classic.

If you’re a fan of the original, it’s not likely you’ll love this PG13 version. Maybe one day we can live in a world without the fear of our old favorites being unnecessarily ‘modernized’ but for now and the foreseeable future we will just have to put up with these cheesy, overhyped copies.