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Las Vegas With Trevor McDonald

Nicknamed Sin City, Las Vegas is the ultimate sunny place for shady people. Sir Trevor McDonald is returning to our screens and this time he is uncovering the secret life of Las Vegas.
Words: Tessa Ross, Subeditor: Grace Faulkner

Source: Plum Pictures (used with permission)
Source: Plum Pictures (used with permission)

“Las Vegas is a fascinating place and in many ways it’s quite extraordinary. It’s a place carved out of the desert, which has made itself one of the most internationally recognised cities anywhere in the world. And the programme tries to recognise that.

“As visitors we see one side of the city but there are many, many other sides. These sides are much more brash, much more tough and much more brutal. And they have an effect on people’s lives.” Said Trevor McDonald.

Source: Plum Pictures (used with permission)
Source: Plum Pictures (used with permission)

This two-part series focuses on those that call Las Vegas their home. Viewers get an insight into the lives of those who have won big, lost big and those who live in the shadows.

One resident featured in the first episode is Annie Lobert, a former high-class prostitute. Despite earning $2 million a year at the height of her career, she discovered a far from glamorous side to prostitution. Las Vegas is the prostitution capital of America, even though it’s illegal there. She now runs a secret safe house for prostitutes trying to get away from their violent pimps.

A few other famous faces join McDonald in this series. Former World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson appears in the first episode. The boxer who was once worth $300 million talks about rebuilding his life as a father and husband following his bankruptcy. He is a prime example of someone that won big and lost it all. “It’s just not my desire to be in that particular world anymore” said Tyson.

Speaking of his journey in Vegas, McDonald said: “My previous experience was that it is a great entertainment city. Some of the best shows in the world can be seen, in surroundings unequal to anywhere else… But working there is an entirely different experience”.

Watch Las Vegas with Trevor McDonald and see for yourself on ITV on Monday 7th December at 9pm.