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Lady Gaga Rumoured To Play Donatella In Crime Series

After making her debut as the Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel (and this year’s Roanoke), Gaga is set to come back to our screens in the third instalment of Ryan Murphy’s successful series, American Crime Story.

Reporter: Alex Clement | Sub-Editor: Chelsea Jobe

She is rumoured to be playing fashion tycoon, Donatella Versace, but it seems to be more than just a rumour, as the show’s creator Ryan Murphy was asked at a panel if Gaga would make a good Versace, in which he answered “Ya think?”. This series will focus on the murder of Versace’s brother, Gianni, in which he was killed in 1997 by serial killer Andrew Cunanan.

Versace/Cunanan: American Crime Story won’t be filmed until some time next year, however, filming is set to coincide with the second series of the show, which will focus on 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. The first series, which focused on the trial of OJ Simpson, was loved by viewers, and even won five Emmy awards.

Take a look back at a few of Gaga’s wonderfully weird jaw dropping moments in American Horror Story: Hotel

A sexy mess

The Countess plays cupid… almost. With a man by her side, the very good-looking Matt Bomer, they team up to create the perfect kill. They seduce a willing couple, invite them back to the hotel and mess around on the sheets. When they are hot and sweaty, the Countess slits their throats. That’s one way of climaxing I guess.

All in the (nearly) nude

The first onscreen kill happens to be when Gaga is almost naked. She is left with nothing but a thong and nipple cover-ups…yet it keeps us wanting more.

Runaway girl no more

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 16.16.56
Credit: Fox YouTube

Whilst prowling the corridors of the hotel, there is bound to be one loose end that she needs to tie up. This so happens to be in the form of a German woman staying at the Hotel Cortez. Throat slit, once again- auf wiedersehen.

Brainwashing kiddies

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 16.02.30
Credit: Twitter @ambsdee

Not only does the Countess like to enjoy the taste of a vicious kill, but she also has a thing for looking after children. She kidnaps children, who all seem to look the same, brainwashes them with the life of sweets and video games. They are forever hers, her children.

The creation of Liz Taylor

Who knew the Countess cared? She gave Nick Pryor a new lease of life by giving him a makeover worth dying for. The old miserable man is gone, and welcome Liz Taylor. Thanks Gaga for giving soul and purpose into the Countess.

When Tristan dies

Just when you thought the Countess was starting to turn sweet, she becomes the biggest bitch she’s always been. Her lover Tristan loves someone else, Liz, the person the Countess created. For a split second, she puts on a show – making us think that she could give up her love of Tristan, and let the two be together. But once again, with the flick of her wrist, his throat is slit and Tristan is dead. Oh how very cruel of you Gaga.

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