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Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Speaks At “Refugees Welcome Here” Rally

Last night Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn joined a panel of speakers for “Refugees Welcome Here” rally by Stand Up To Racism, to discuss how we can help and why the government won’t.
Words: Daisy Greenaway, Subeditor: Corey Armishaw

Credits The Weekly Bull via Flickr

Jeremy Corbyn has openly declared his support for refugees in the past – the very same day he won the Labour leadership contest he attended the rally pictured above. Therefore it comes as no surprise that he spoke at the Refugees Welcome Here rally held at the Camden Centre, November 4th. Organised by the group Stand Up To Racism, guest speakers also included Deputy Green Party leader Shahrar Ali, comedian Francesca Martinez, author Owen Jones, and Shadow Secretary of State for International Development Diane Abbott.

In response to the refugee crisis the UK government has agreed to take in 20,000 people by 2020; Last year they took in just 216 Syrian refugees. They claim that as a nation we simply can’t afford to open the borders, yet we somehow afford to build fences to keep people out. As winter approaches, charities have warned that “people are literally freezing to death”. Boats will become even more dangerous as temperatures drop, with anyone swimming likely to develop hypothermia. There is no shelter from the cold, but instead of sending blankets we are sending barbed wire.

The response from the Labour leader was simple, “We’re here because we care. We’re here because we believe in people. We’re here because we want to see a world at peace not at war. We’re here because we’re part of a decent, strong humanitarian movement that really does believe everybody matters, whatever country they’re from”. A vigil, “Don’t Let Them Freeze“, has been organised for November 12 outside of Parliament in an attempt to open the governments hearts to the suffering faced by millions across the world.

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