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LA Priest & Connan Mockasin Team Up as Soft Hair

It’s a dream come true when two of your favourite artists unite to create a magical album together. LA Priest and Connan Mockasin have joined collaborative forces to make Soft Hair happen. Releasing their work in a week, it’s time to prepare for the trippy dance fest that’s going to happen.

Reporter: Larry Gliddon  Sub-Editor: Andrew Whiteford

The pair met back in 2007, but it’s been a while since both of them have produced anything individually. Sam Dust, previously from the dance-indie band Late of the Pier, made a breakthrough as LA Priest, releasing it  in 2015.

Connan Mockasin’s last work was Caramel from three years ago, and Forever Dolphin Love came out in 2010. Mockasin is in Phantasy, alongside Erol Alkan, Daniel Avery and the like. Even though they’re both from different record labels, it seems like they share the same vision of what music can do, so it was a predictable fate between the two – a match made in heaven, if you will.

Soft Hair. Photo by Erwan Fichu

The duo have unveiled two tracks already. Lying has to Stop is a dreamy journey into an abstract world of relationships, accompanied with a music video with a sense of sexual irony in a tin foil box. Their other song, In Love, is a psychedelic approach towards the idea of love in the modern world. The tracks boast prologue of a sweet voyage to escapism, with gentle vocals and lyrical empathy. There is a balance of beauty and sadness, with main themes of relationship issues and sexual frustration.  The track list looks promising, with titles like “Relaxed Lizard” and “Alive without Medicine” it’s exciting to see the songs come to life in a weeks’ time.

Soft Hair’s debut album is out on the 28th October through Weird World, as well as availability through iTunes and Spotify.