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Kesha’s Big Comeback

Sony announces the gorgeous ‘Animals’ queen has been working on a new album.

Reporter: Martina Di Gregorio | Sub-Editor: Chelsea Jobe

Kesha’s Animals rejoice: Sony hints Kesha has been working on her new album. Although it is not official, fans of Kesha are quenched with thirst for new music.

It has been four years since her last album “Warrior”, and while we have managed to survive this long without Kesha and her pop beats, her fandom Animals pray for an official comeback. The 29-year-old singer has produced 28 new songs under record label Kemosabe – a spin-off of Sony Music, owned by record producer Dr Luke.

Kesha sued Dr Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald, for sexual assault in 2014 and was unable to produce or release new music. However, her case was dismissed by New York’s Supreme Court earlier this year.

The forced hiatus has been difficult for both Kesha and her fans but there are positive vibes that she will be back. She has been touring this summer, Kesha and The Creepies, which encouraged Kesha to revisit her passion for rock and country music by performing songs by her favourite artists.


Kesha's performance in 2015
Credit: Billboard- Kesha’s performance 2015 for Billboard

Kesha’s attorney, Daniel Petrocelli, does not celebrate of news of her potential comeback. In a statement released to Buzzfeed, he said: “Only in the last month, after our last court hearing, has any progress been made, but it is hardly enough.

Kesha still has received no commitments on promotion, songs, or even a release date.”
After two years without the glitter, a statement of progress is enough to satisfy the hearts of Kesha’s Animals.
Check out Kesha’s songs on iTunes and Spotify. You can keep updated with her latest work on Twitter.