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John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015: Everything you need to know

The John Lewis Christmas advert makes its debut today in partnership with Age UK and the message is simple but strong: show someone they’re loved this Christmas.

Words: Hayley Warren, Subeditor: Tamara Hutchinson

As soon as it turns midnight on November 1st, Halloween is pushed far from our minds and Christmas takes centre place. But, nothing-quite sparks our Christmas spirits like the highly anticipated John Lewis advert.

The advert cost £1 million to produce with a further £6 million spent on prime time advertising slots. Although you can view it right now on YouTube, its first television debut will be during the first ad break of Channel 4’s Gogglebox.

British artists Lily Allen and Tom Odell have been John Lewis’ voices of choice in previous years. Yet this year sees the first non-British and widely unknown voice of 19 year old, Aurora, from Norway, covering the Oasis track Half The World Away.

The two minute video places a focus on older people who suffer with loneliness – a discussion Age UK are keen to promote – and demonstrates it through a young, cute girl, named Lily and an elderly, unhappy #ManOnTheMoon.

The message ‘Show someone they’re loved this Christmas’ is strong and comes at a particularly poignant time, as a Channel 4 report discussing the heart breaking effect of loneliness with two elderly widows went viral yesterday.

If you were moved by John Lewis’ #ManOnTheMoon advert, then check out the Campaign to End Loneliness which aims to inspire thousands of people to do more to tackle loneliness. The charity estimates that nearly 2.5m people over 60 would not know where to go for help if they were feeling lonely, and that isolation and loneliness are as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

The advert was met with a very British reaction from actor and director, David Schneider:

Whilst it definitely pulled at usually upbeat Paddy McGuinness’ heart strings:

Others feel they must mentally and physically prepare before watching the advert:

Yet once watched, they feel they already can’t cope:


Whether you cried, smiled or hated this years John Lewis advert, one thing’s for sure – Christmas is just around the corner and you better get ready. If you can’t get enough of the John Lewis Christmas advert, below are some stocking fillers to keep the #ManOnTheMoon memory forever:

John Lewis Man on the Moon Age UK Mug, £5 (John Lewis)


John Lewis Man on the Moon Bag, Small, £2.50 Source: John Lewis
John Lewis Man on the Moon Bag, Small, £2.50
(John Lewis)
John Lewis Man on the Moon Gift Wrap and 18 Stickers, Pack of 3, £7.50 Source: John Lewis
John Lewis Man on the Moon Gift Wrap and 18 Stickers, Pack of 3, £7.50
(John Lewis)