Jeremy Corbyn pledges anti-semitism has ‘no place’ in Labour

Credit to Reuters

Jeremy Corbyn has made a statement today, concerning the unprecedented remark of Chief Rabbi of Britain, Ephraim Mirvis, at the commencement of Labour’s campaign race and manifesto in Tottenham.

Chief Rabbi has stated earlier on Monday, claiming that the party was ‘incompatible’ with British principles and the ‘soul of the nation’ is on the line at the general election. He further added the majority of British Jews were ‘stricken with anxiety’ prior to the general election, which will be held on 12 December. 

Mr Corbyn has responded in his speech at the launch, saying: “Anti-Semitism in any form is ‘vile’ and ‘wrong’. It is an evil in our society.” And Chief Rabbi is ‘very welcome’ to discuss any rising concerns about Labour’s dealing with anti-semitism.  

On top of Chief Rabbi’s statement, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev Justin Welby, backed his statement via his tweet. He said Chief Rabbi’s unprecedented statement is enough to show his devastation and fear, which is collectively felt by Britain’s Jewish community.

The Muslim Council of Britain has supported Mr Mirvis: “Racism wherever it comes from – whether from the left or the right – is unacceptable and not enough is being done. We agree with the Chief Rabbi’s observation that ‘some politicians have shown courage but too many have sat silent’.

Besides their criticism on the Labour, they also demanded attention on the Conservative party allowing Islamophobia, to “fester in society and fail to put in place the measures necessary to root out this type of racism”.

Despite wherever their religious faiths lay, a cross-unification of religions has strengthened Chief Rabbi’s assertion.

Words: Kim Se Hee

Photo: Reuters

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