Jack Wilshere: a talent in need

Jack Wilshere (Arsenal vs Köln) Source: Squawka.com

Jack Wilshere is one of the few people at Arsenal who said they’d never leave. The devotion is pure and his enthusiasm promising. Some years later and now it seems like it’s the right time for the once wonder-kid to leave.

Returning from Bournemouth where he lasted one season, playing 27 games and scoring zero goals, Jack Wilshere had his strongest performance at the beginning of the current season. Wenger said he had plans for him this season despite various clubs’ intention of signing him. For his six appearances in September and October, the 25 year-old was the driving force in Arsenal’s midfield. Even when coming as a substitute, he proved he can be useful and productive.

This is the case for the last month, having started in only two league games, it is obvious Wenger doesn’t count on him in the big games – against Manchster City (Arsenal lost 3-1) and Tottenham (Arsenal won 2-0) without any explanation why. Wenger relies on Ramsey and Xhaka as the starting midfield couple with Ramsey starting in nine Premier League games and Xhaka in seven.

Wenger hasn’t had much confidence in playing them in the cup matches and Europa League. This essentially means that Wilshere starts more in the cup matches against smaller clubs or games of less importance to Wenger. It could be argued this is good because this keeps Wenger’s options open, but personally for Wilshere this is a setback as he is not playing in the Premier League. This also has a direct relation to him starting for the national team.

And now he is 25 he needs to revive his once promising, but somewhere else. It is up for him to decide whether to stay in the UK or go to Europe, but it seems Wilshere still has that desire and passion to play football. And as Paul Merson said to SkySports: “He needs to get on the ball and play football and be in a team that really are going to have a lot more of the ball than not. So probably abroad to an AC Milan or somewhere like that.”

Words: Nikolay Kolev | Subbing: Kieran Soutter


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