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ITV News Apologises For Using Footage Of Ainsley Harriott Instead Of Lenny Henry

Some people get annoyed when someone pronounces their name wrong, or are mistaken for someone else, but if you are a pretty big news cooperation, this is a pretty big blunder.

Words: Yasmin Harding, Subeditor: Jason John

[Lenny Henry was Knighted, and ITV Celebrated by showing a clip of Ainsley Harriott dancing Source via twitter ]
In the midst of talking about diversity in television, the interview jumped to an old clip of the chef dancing and singing on stage. ITV News has been in touch with representatives of both Henry and Harriott to apologise for their big mistake.

Since it was “not legally” allowed to show the content, ITV News removed the clip from it’s +1 channel:

An ITV spokesperson said: “ITV News apologises for the error broadcast in the lunchtime news package today regarding Sir Lenny Henry’s knighthood at the palace. This was the result of an error in the production process in a piece intended to celebrate Sir Lenny’s significant achievements in British entertainment.”

Henry was knighted for his services towards charity and drama,  and now as we can rightfully call him, Sir Lenny Henry has vowed to continue to make British television the most diverse in the world.

He has previously expressed his concern over the lack of Black, Asian, and ethnic minority people within the creative industries, and hopes that his production company, Douglas Road, would help to encourage diversity in the television industry.

Memes have since appeared on twitter after users mocked ITV for their blunder, with one user calling it “terrible yet fantastic at the same time”

In all seriousness, Sir Lenny Henry is deserving of his Knighthood and all the work he has done with ethnic communities, bringing us comic relief, and gracing our television screens with his humour. As Ainsley Harriott would say, ‘Yeaaah Bwoi’.

Well done Lenny, we’re sure he took it in his stride and laughed it off.