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Is Shopping A Form Of Addiction?


According to www.start2stop.co.uk there is such a thing as a shopping addiction.




Words: Tamara Hutchinson    Sub-editior: Mayria Hristova

But, what is a shopping addiction?

Believe or not, having a shopping addiction actually has a name, as it is known as Oniomania or CBD which is Compulsive Buying Disorder. The definition? Compulsive buying. It gives you the compulsive urge to buy. The weird thing about this is that even if you buy things that you NEED, it is still classed as Oniomania.

It is actually considered as a disorder. Even though this may seem like a recent disorder, this has been going on for the past hundred years. This is not a modern disorder.

Experts refer to it as one of the hardest things to deal with, because shopping is one of the main things to do in life, because it is part of our lifestyle, it becomes more difficult for addicts.

As everyone knows and as I have said before shopping is part of our lifestyle, how can you even over come it? Where do you even start? Well half of the time, when people are addicts, shopping addicts or even addicts as a whole, they are often in denial that they actually have a problem and that is the number 1 thing to overcome before you can get better. After that, it is when you can get the help that you need  and because you have done that, that means you have helped yourself also.

Another thing that you can relate to as a  shopping addiction is Hoarding. Hoarders are known as people who store things in there house until the point where they cant even move. There have been so many documentaries and TV programmes about this condition. Many people have to have special help. Half of them you see they cant even get to their door or no one can even walk through their houses with out climbing over things. But, when you carry on watching, you realise that most of the hoarders on there have a reason why they are like that. A lot of the reasons why they are like that is because of the emotional experiences they went through in their past which makes them want to store more or even just not to let go.

What causes shopping addiction?

The expert Ruth Engs from Indiana university, many people have the addiction of shopping because of how their brains feels when they are shopping. For example, while they shop, their brain releases endorphins and dopamine. Because of how nice it feels, thats what some people are addicted to.

What are the signs and symptoms of Oniomania?

According to www.psychguides.com there are two types of symptoms Emotional and physical.

Emotional would be:

1.When you shop because you are angry or depressed, you want to make yourself feel better.

2. Spending more than you can afford

3. Ruining you relationship due to shopping too much or spending too much

4. Shop to make yourself feel less guilty about over shopping or spending previously

5. When you tell yourself no to buying things then after saying no, you feel angry or upset.

Physically would be:

As there is not much physical symptoms due to having a shopping addiction, the only thing that can be classed as a physical symptoms would be a declining financial situation.

If you do feel like you have some of these symptoms, please do not take it lightly. Go to someone that can help you. Even thought it is just as addiction to shopping it can be a very serious thing.