Thursday, October 18The Voice of London

Is Radio Dying? Will Radio Be In The Future

What holds the future of the radio industry. We still listen to the radio now, and there are podcast to listen too. So what do the people in this industry have to say to his statement?

Words: Jason John, Subeditor: Yeganeh Ameri

Radio broadcasting started early in the 20th century. With only a few channels available to listen, people were forced to be entertained by the music they listened to and be informed by the local news reports. Little did people know, radio broadcasting grew bigger than they could imagine. We all know the story when listeners thought an actual alien invasion occurred when presenter Orson Welles read War of Worlds on Halloween, scaring many of the local citizens. And we all know the late Freddy Mercury’s love for radio in one of Queen’s hit single Radio Ga Ga, where he claimed radio is yet to find it finest hour.

So why is there a question on radio being a dying industry. According RAJAR, 48.7million of the UK’s adults listen to the radio at least 22 hours per week. This includes the young generation who listen to the radio on their phones, or listen to podcast on their free time. Podcast are also growing in the media industry with today’s report of podcast series, Serial: Season 2, releasing and causing ITunes to shutdown due to surge of downloads.

So what does someone from the radio industry have to say about this question. I had an interview with radio presenter Rita Lobo of ShareRadio where we discussed if radio is still relevant, and what it is like working in the radio broadcasting.