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Is Online Shopping The New Shopping Store?

As Black Friday happened two weeks ago, most of the sales were made online. It seems that most people in London have learnt their lesson from going out on the streets filled with violence, rapid movements and chaos. This year they decided to stay at home and buy items online from their phones, tablets or laptops.


Words: Tamara Hutchinson,   Sub editor: Mariya Hristova

An extraordinary amount of people bought their products without even leaving their house. Online seems to be the way forward when major sales seem to occur. It seems that shopping online gives the benefit of having the best deals rather than finding them in store.

Here is a list of some popular websites to use when you want to shop online:

  1. Missguided- women



Known for their high street fashion, following or becoming the latest fashion trends- shoes, accessories and any form of clothing- this site is very good for female students who are looking for something fashionable and trendy to wear on a budgett with a 10% student discount on any item. When you have bought your product, you get that chance to have more discount vouchers posted with your clothing parcel.


2. Pretty Little Thing- women


Known for their affordable shoes and clothing ,which can look just as good, if not better than other places where it costs more money. You will definitely be impressed with how much the items cost.


3. Pink Boutique- women

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 17.00.35


Known for their brightly coloured clothing shoes, bag and accessories for prices that you cannot resist.


4. JD- Men and Women


Known for a large variety of trainers and sports wear that will fit anyone’s needs right down from babies to grown adults; from men to women; from boys to girls.


5. Just Fab-  women



Known for their shoes that fit any type of women, a large amount of different styles, colours and patterns that anyone would love. Just Fab are slowly branching their own clothing section, which is just as good as their shoes. When you first sign up to the company, you will get VIP treatment; when your birthday comes up you can get a discount; when you order your first item it will only cost…      You can have free delivery if you spend anything that’s £35 and over.


6.Nike- unisex



Nike is known for their unisex environmentally fit gym wear, sports wear and leisure wear. From young to old, they have anything and everything that you need- basket ballers, tennis players, american football players, fitness and gym junkies, runners. Any form of sport that you do, Nike has the clothing for you.


7. NET- A – PORTER- Men and women




Known for their elaborate high- end designer wear, ranging from various prices. If you wanted to get something on the male spectrum then MR PORTER is the companion of the female site , NET-A-PORTER.


9. ASOS- Men and Women



ASOS is known for their good quality brands, with it being a well known and a world wide shopping site, they will never seem to fail you with the up and coming latest fashions trends.


10 .Bohoo- Men and Women



With 100’s of styles to choose from, this has a slot to choose from, if you are never really sure on what you want to buy, you will find something here on Bohoo.

I asked 20 people  and here are my results:



Some answers that I got were in between, one said “ I prefer shopping online, the only downside is that sometimes the items I purchase often don’t come on time. Especially for Christmas.” While another said, “ I like shopping in the stores, but if i don’t find anything i like or they don’t have it, then I will have a look online.”

Even though, for some people shopping online seems the better option, it does have some down sides. When shopping online, the same old questions keep popping up in your head. For example:

  1. Would this fit me?
  2. Does the item actually look like what it looks on the picture shown?
  3. Would it come on time?
  4. Is the quality as good as they say?
  5. Is it the real thing? (if it was a designer item)
  6. How much is the shipping or delivery cost ?

One of the main things that put people off when shopping online is the fact that you may have to pay a lot of extra for the delivery or that fact that it will take quite some time for the item or product to come.

Others preferred shopping in the stores, one explained, “ I prefer shopping in the stores because I am not the standard size, I need to try on the clothes to make sure that they fit properly. I have the same problem with shoes.”

The downsides for shopping in the stores are:

1.You have to carry a lot of many bags

2. Shops close at a certain time

3. The shops can be too crowed

4. The item that you want maybe sold out  (especially around Christmas)

5. Car parking spaces are either limited or expensive

6. Your size isn’t available

Because christmas is coming up, many people have chosen to shop online. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been so merry. Thousands of people have been scammed out of their money from shopping online. On the other hand, the reason why certain people have found that shopping online is better is because, especially when it comes to students, they can get student discount where as many stores don’t have that. For instance, Topshop and River Island don’t have student discounts in stores unless ‘Student days’ occur, but they do have is student discounts online. This could be the lap gap of people shopping in stores or shopping online.

Even though shopping in the stores could be an ‘easy access’ many people have stopped or slowed down this year due to the harsh, heart breaking and upsetting circumstances that have occurred recently. There has been warnings on London for being the next place of being destroyed by having bomb threats. Because of this, many people have been very cautious on where and how long they will shop for.