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Introducing VEX…Voices Explained.

Written by: Chrys Salter & Daniel Khalili-Tari

VEX magazine will aim to be a leading news, opinion and world issues publication, paving the way for intelligent comment, discussion and conversation on the world around us. Combining politics, education, global pandemics and culture, VEX magazine will cover the most relevant events which are shaping our planet into what it is today, by executing articles with beautifully clean cut and delicately designed layouts and images, alongside articulate and concise articles which get to the heart of any given issue.

Students and adolescents throughout the world are politically and socioeconomically frustrated. From the Anonymous protests in London to the student organised demonstrations in Hong Kong, young people feel marginalised and isolated by the failings of neoliberal economics. VEX is an embodiment of society’s frustrations and continual struggle, for a more egalitarian society. The publication intends to report on matters of political and socioeconomic importance, simultaneously channeling the vexations which young Londoners can relate to. VEX, is an outlet for critical news coverage and a platform for unheard voices and issues – primarily targeting 16 to 24 year olds.

Editor – Daniel Khalili-Tari

Assistant Edior – Chrys Salter



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