Insta-spiration works: why you should follow these UK fitness Instagrammers for 2018

Photo by Erin Zhang

Writing | Stephany Malcolm Subbing | Kate Reichardt

2018 is fast approaching us, and although it’s not quite the time to reach for the sun cream… well-being is a major focus this year for Londoners. Gone are the days of fast food on work breaks; this year sees more avocados, protein shakes, and fitness apps than ever.

Focus is the key to success – Photograph by Erin Zhang

Ironic as it seems, behind the screen seems to be a great starting point for get-goers who seek daily inspiration, and who spend the little free time they have on Instagram. If you are trying to avoid cheesy fitness DVD’s and dangerous dieting plans this year. Here are some Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration and tips.

We’ve covered influencers from London who can tell you  everything there is to know about nutrition, cardio, muscle growth, fitness gear and their favourite brands to follow.


1. Nutrition for everyday meal ideas – The Body Coach (Joe Wicks)


Apart from his hilarious recipe ideas, Joe Wicks is the perfect all-round Instagram account to follow for fitness if you are a beginner. His recipes are healthy, tasty, and his workouts are suited to a range of abilities and are available on YouTube. 

  1. Motivation and muscle building – Bradley Simmonds

If you say that you’re past the beginners stage but need that little boost of motivation, Bradley Simmons’s no rest for the wicked is a great account to follow for anybody wanting to grow muscle and shred fat. His techniques may not promise instant results, but if you stick with him, you’re #2018 goals won’t be so hard to achieve.

  1. Growing curves and toning – Stefanie Williams (Stef Fit)

For the ladies, and men, who want to grow and tone your glutes (bum), Stef Fit is a great account to follow if you want to tone, build and burn at the same time. Her cardio conditioning exercises mean you will build up a sweat and continue to burn hours after your workout.

  1. Gym Kit – Gymshark

What should I wear? The obvious choice would be the household name sports brands, however Instagram is causing a new shift in the way we buy clothing. Gymshark is a UK brand, based in London, providing gym-goers with stylish and breathable gym wear.

  1. Lean lifestyle inspiration – Oliver Proudlock


    To many he is just a reality star, but Oliver Proudlock’s Instagram is an interesting place to find the newest food, fashion and lifestyle brands regarding fitness. If you want a fitness page that isn’t limit to just workouts. His Instagram stories will keep you up to date of the best places to go in London too.


  2. Home workouts & meal plans – Krissy Cela


It’s easier said than done to go to the gym every day and have your meals prepped the night before. Krissy Cela provides a perfect guide of workouts that can be done at the gym or at home. She gives easy to follow steps of making healthy meals and has an online meal plan that has a similar style to her Instagram posts.

(All photos taken from the influencer’s Instagram accounts.)

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