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Influencing Fashion Through the Digital Age

Digital art is something that the fashion industry, is struggling to grasp. How does tech work with fashion? The effect of the digital age seems to go beyond social media, we went to POSTmatter talk series: Materials Unbound: The Post-Digital Future of Fashion determining the ways the digital age is reinventing the fashion industry.

Words: Teh Yusof, SubEditor : Christie Bannon

In recent years, the digital age has more profound effect in creating and designing rather than just social media and marketing. The site, POSTmatter explored the digital age in fashion and craft with Matter gallery founder Seetal Solanki, textile researcher Miriam Ribul and WGSN writer, Siobhan Imms on the role of technology in fashion and art and its developments.

As a researcher, Ribul experiments with different textile materials such as cellulose, a scientific approach.With her background in textile production, she is currently working with scientists researching new ways to produce fibre based textiles. Aiming to create more sustainable products from plants, the idea is to manufacture materials in a low tech way. She also observes and manufactures biological based products that lead to a design.

IMG_1395 (1024x768)
Miriam Ribul artwork  Source: Teh Yusof

The reinvention of denim called Raw for the Ocean, a project by denim brand G-star Raw with Pharell Williams, in effort to create a collection of denim from discarded plastic bottles. That is how sustainable fashion works, designers are currently looking for more ways to design their clothes with a eco-friendly purpose.

Experimental art featuring digital are seen to be all the rage now. POSTmatter did an exhibition with Ripple, a tactile interface introducing a multi-sensor feel of the textile to the audience through Kinect technology.  Solanki created Matter in order to give a platform for designers to showcase their art. She believed that, human touches are very still much in need despite the growth of technology. While machines are helping to ease a production of clothing or art form, it is still the humans who can see the future, predict and take action upon it.

Technology is an extension or tool to create materials for humans. It helps in understanding the creation of new forms of materials such as how to make a clothing like that works for both warm and cold seasons or a solar powered jacket that can charge your devices. It is all still in experimental stages but we’re getting there.

For luxury fashion, Imms predicted an emerging order of mass customisation of clothes, which you can shop online. Right now, online shopping is done by most people and mass production of garment is really cheap, so having an outfit that fits you really is a luxury. Unless, you have your own private tailor.

Check out POSTmatter ‘s exhibiton ‘Digital Distubances’ held at the Fashion Space Gallery until December 12th.