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In Pictures: London’s Million Mask March

Thousands of masked Guy Fawkes protesters gathered at Trafalgar Square on Bonfire night to march on the Houses of Parliament in the annual Million Mask March, organised by the hacktivist group Anonymous. People from all around the UK protested against the government’s austerity cuts and increased state surveillance.

Words and photos: Mariya Savova, Subeditor: Isabella Ellis

Protesters gathered at Trafalgar Square at 6pm.

Over fears that the annual Million Mask March will turn violent, Scotland Yard deployed thousands of extra police officers. The Met’s fears were justified. What started off as a peaceful demonstration, soon turned into chaos as protesters clashed with police. Marchers were injured, a patrol car was torched and its windscreen was smashed, six police horses were hurt and three officers were sent in hospital as a result of the demonstration. By the end of the night, 50 people were arrested.

Ahead of the demonstration, a warning from the police was projected on the wall of the National Gallery, urging people to observe public order. Around 6.30pm the crowd marched to Parliament Square where protesters threw missiles and set off fireworks and flares. Later, some went to Buckingham Palace and others returned to Trafalgar Square. Officers used kettle operations at several locations across central London to contain demonstrators.

See below our selection of photos from the Million Mask March:

Since 2012 hacktivist group Anonymous has coordinated the event in hundreds of cities across the world.


One of many peaceful protesters taking a stand against the government to stop the abuses of power.


The message for this year’s Million Mask March was “building a better future through collective action”.


One of the chants that could be heard throughout the protest was “One solution: revolution”.


Demonstrators marched from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square.


Police maintained a heavy presence at key locations in central London.


Demonstrators at Parliament Square.


“Guy Fawkes” watching peacefully.


Protesters trying to force their way through police.


A representative from Black Lives Matter movement making his way past the Houses of Parliament.


Protesters set off flares at Parliament Square.


Masked demonstrators on their way to Buckingham Palace.


Smoke flares, set off by protesters in Green Park.


Protesters, blocking a street in Mayfair, got into a heated argument with a disabled man, who told them to move away and let the cars move.


A demonstrator waiting for officers to unblock the entrance to Lower Regent Street, below Piccadilly Circus.


A masked woman holding a sign that says: “Imaginary cuts!”


Not everyone was protesting against government cuts. Vegan activists were also spotted at the Million Mask March.


A demonstrator opposing the NHS privatisation.


A Guy Fawkes mask broken in half and dumped on the ground towards the end of the protest.




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