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In Pictures: Covent Garden’s Christmas Decorations

With Christmas just around the corner, London is starting to prepare itself for the festive season as we start to see decorations popping up all over the city. Designed by Michael Howells, the theme this year is ‘Meet Me Under the Mistletoe’ and trust us – it really is romantic there. With the Christmas decorations in full swing after being turned on just over a week ago, we decided to head down and give you the highlights of the festive extravaganza.

Words & Photos: Keziah Leary, Subeditor: Bea Renshaw

Over 40 mistletoe chandeliers fill the inside market halls.
London’s biggest hand-picked Christmas tree can be found at the back of Covent Garden.
Ten thousand pealights cover the whole of the area.
A 22ft tall silver reindeer stands proud at the entrance to the market halls.
Smaller Christmas trees line the pillars near the rear exit of the Royal Opera House.
The market halls are filled with plenty of opportunities to grab a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe decorations.
The giant reindeer takes pride of place towards the entrance of Covent Garden.
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Red and white lights from the Christmas tree can be seen from a distance.
Decorating the area is 320 metres of festive garlands.
The Christmas decorations can be seen at Covent garden until 2nd January.