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Images Of The Upcoming Doctor Strange Film Have Been Leaked

The first images of Marvel’s Doctor Strange have leaked on Twitter. Local citizen Prayush Khadka was near the set in Nepal and took a quick picture of Benedict Cumberbatch playing the raggedy and bearded Dr. Strange.

Words: Jason John, Subeditor: Lauren Burgess

Only a year now until the release of Marvel’s Doctor Strange, their first film presenting the comic’s supreme sorcerer. Looking at the picture below, we see Cumberbatch playing Dr.Strange talking to director Scott Derrickson.

Dr. Strange, looking like a broken man, with layers of old clothing and unkempt beard, and with the set of this scene being located in Nepal, fans can tell that this is where Dr. Strange’s origin story begins.

Supreme Sorcerer Doctor Strange in Marvel comics. Source: Tumblr

Dr. Stephen Strange was a brilliant (but arrogant) neurosurgeon who lost his medical skills after a fatal car crash broke his hands, leaving his fingers trembling after the recovery. Ashamed of having a career in teaching rather than being a surgeon again, Strange traveled across the world seeking a cure to restore his hands. After years of searching with no luck, and his wealth gone, Strange became homeless and was forced to be a ‘back-alley-medic’ to survive the harsh world. Still searching, Strange hears of a healing hermit that resides in the Himalayas known to also be the ‘Ancient One’. The hermit saw through Strange’s desperate plea for the egotistical man he is, but also saw a light in him that will one day redeem him. After protecting the hermit from being assassinated by his own student, Baron Mordo, and realising the error of his ways, Strange’s hands were healed and he became the hermit’s apprentice; learning the arts of sorcery and magic, continuing the hermits legacy, and to protect the world from evil.

…Okay, he doesn’t have to his use powers on evil all the time. Source: Tumblr

This isn’t the first time a Marvel cinematic film set was leaked on the internet. This leak is actually resulting in a positive outcome, not only are fans congratulating Prayush Khadka for taking the photo, but they are also excited for how good the film will look. Here’s hoping that Benedict Cumberbatch as the poised sorcerer,  Rachel McAdams as Night Nurse and Linda Carter, and Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One play their roles to fullest.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange is expected to premiere 4th November 2016.