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How To Train Like A Victoria’s Secret Angel: Don’t

The Victoria’s Secret Angels graced the runway last night and left many feeling guilty about the greasy fry up they scoffed at the weekend as they nursed a hangover. But before you frantically search Google asking how to get a body like an angel, stop. You could be damaging your results.

Words: Shannon Cowley, Subeditor: Gemma Smith

Source: Victoria's Secret
Source: Victoria’s Secret

Every year the world goes crazy for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and this year was no different. We woke up to countless photos of beautiful models in expensive underwear and now we’re all wondering, are these women even human?

Girls on Twitter are going mad, some are crying:

Their self-esteem is shattered:

And others are even planning their crash diets:

But is our obsession with body goals actually jeopardising our fitness results?

Sure, fitness goals are an important part of the process; but when they’re unachievable you’ll end up sulking in the gym toilets because you’re not reaching them. These girls have personal trainers, dieticians and a lot more time to be best friends with the running machine. They make a living from having long legs and a low body fat percentage, their job is to be fit and healthy, whereas the majority of us sit in an office to pay the bills.

Constant comparison to others could mean your results will suffer, not to mention your mental health. So if you’re going to the gym in your lunch break just to look like Lily Aldridge, you should rethink your strategy. Set a goal specific to your own body and try not to make it all about how you look. If you’re fretting over the size of your thighs, you’ll leave no time to focus on lifting heavier or running faster.

We all know London is expensive, so don’t be disheartened if you can’t afford a gym membership. Home workouts are a great way to start your fitness journey and they can easily fit into a busy lifestyle. Everyone’s abilities are different so steer away from the gimmicky “how to train like an angel” titles because you’ll probably be disappointed with the results.

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs on 8 December 2015.