How to start training after a cold

With the recent cold weather comes illnesses that cause you to put your whole life on hold. How’s how to nip your cold in the butt and continue on your fitness programme.

At least once in his or her life everyone got a cold. This is one of the most unpleasant feelings of having fever, sore throat, headache and even the body hurts. As the autumn came, the chances to lie in a bed and not be able to do anything are even bigger. The cold season has come which means that you cannot longer continue your fitness programme.

The usual exercises should be introduced step-by-step, linearly; try not to harm yourself. Give your body time to restore properly do not make it worse.

The first days after a cold are the most important, as we all know everyone is trying to return to its usual exercise routine but do not forget to drink plenty of warm water with vitamins. Secondly, proper nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining and restoring the body. Try another approach joining by light exercises with low intensity and increase the loads gradually from lesson to lesson. If you will ignore this period and will start to train in a usual regime as you were before the cold, the exhaustion of the organism and the relapse of the cold will increases.

If you a lazy or feel that you are not ready for the gym yet is better to stay home and start the first few exercises as easy as you can. It is strongly recommended to pay special attention to warming up exercises. Lightweight’s cardio is also a good start as it will not cause stressful loads, will make you sweat well, prepare the heart muscles and circulatory system for more intensive exercises. You can try to jump with a rolling pin, squats, push-ups, pull-ups and run on a treadmill.

If you desperately wish to speed up the recovery process, you can try some sports complexes. These include protein shakes, vitamin and mineral supplements, and amino acids. You do not need to push the horses as the rest during a cold is needed and will completely help you to return to your usual training programme with a supply of energy. Moreover, the warm-up can be done easily at home in the morning as well as in the afternoon or evening, just choose the right time for yourself. Every person needs rest sometimes, so do not hesitate to take one if your body and health conditions ask you for it. It does not mean that you are a weak person; on the contrary, it will demonstrate that you showed your power at the right time.

Words: Xenia Puiu

Photos: Jillian Keith

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