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How To Best Prepare For The Clothes Show Live 2016

Here at Volfashion we thoroughly enjoyed many aspects of The Clothes Show Live 2015; but can’t help feeling that, in hindsight, we would have been much better prepared had we known what to expect. Read below for top tips to make the most of the event next year (once you have climbed the huge -near impossible- mountain of deciding what to wear).

Words: Michelle Whitney Subeditor: Teh Yusof

  1. Dress ”cool”: You will first assume that because you are travelling to the Midlands it’s going to be freezing (as a Londoner born and bred, this was my naive assumption, I’m not embarrassed to admit). Think again buddy. The hall where the show is held is straight out of hell. 40 degrees plus. To ensure all of your make-up isn’t completely ”sweated out”, and you aren’t walking around looking like a menopausal crazy woman; dress like it’s Spring. Think loose dress with a cinched waist belt, thigh high boots with no tights and a light jacket. Also, bring deodorant and a decent setting spray for your face.
  2. Ca$h money: Bring plenty of notes, because unfortunately alot of the market-type stalls only accept cash. There are ATM’s available, but they sting you an extra £2.50 per transaction, and the queue is worse than what you would imagine at a rowdy Asda store on Christmas Eve.
  3. Shop smart: Easier said than done, we all get caught up in the moment (I know my fellow retail addicts fully understand this). There will be alot of men shouting out ”deals” as if you are at an East End fruit and veg stall. Be careful, weigh up whether you are getting an actual bargain and not just buying up the retailers hard to shift stock.
  4. Foodies beware: The hall is so huge and slightly overwhelming. If you do manage to find the food section, what we found consisted of a small shop with strange varieties of sandwiches which cost the earth, or a bog-standard £9 burger and chips.  If, like me, you have the navigation skills of a sloth, and you don’t want to pay over the odds for average food. You better come prepared. I would suggest making a packed lunch the night before, and bringing plenty of water to keep you hydrated; SIGH, shopping is such hard work (but the most enjoyable cardio).
  5. Soak it up: Kinda obvious but, enjoy yourself. There’s alot to take in, and alot of walking to do. Don’t get panicked by the crowds, there’s even (cringe) a Lambrini cocktail bar where you can chill out. Which had surprisingly pleasant cocktails. Last piece of advice: Bring a portable phone charger and MAKE SURE you book tickets for the fashion show. This year there was several buzzing, atmospheric theatrical dance performances, a celebrity performance and a chance for the audience to win prizes.
Mandatory tourist pic which is aesthetically pleasing (Source: Michelle Whitney)
Mandatory tourist pic which is strangely aesthetically pleasing (Source: Michelle Whitney)
Move over, press coming through (Source: Michelle Whitney)
Move over, press coming through (Source: Michelle Whitney)