Wednesday, September 26The Voice of London

How Clean Is Your Commute?

The London underground is a home for nasty bacteria that can make you ill, clog up your pores, dirty your hands, and cling to your hair. Jumping on the tube might be essential, but just how clean is your commute?
Words: Shannon Cowley, Subeditor: Eireann Beardon

If you’re a commuter you probably feel like you spend half your life in the depths of the London underground. Whether it’s the Northern, Circle or Bakerloo line, you are guaranteed to be squashed, you definitely won’t get a seat, and your breathing space will be restricted. And to top it all off, there is a nine out of ten chance you’re going to be touched by complete strangers who, if you’re lucky, might even smell.

It’s all pretty bleak. But have you ever wondered how much bacteria is joining you on your journey to work? We did some research and after watching the results you may well decide to walk the journey instead.