Hellogoodbye tell us all about their comeback

If you’re a Warped Tour veteran, you’ve probably heard of Hellogoodbye, let’s face it … who hasn’t?
and if you’ve been through your emo phase, well .. you’ve learnt the lyrics to Here (In Your Arms) and you sang them out loud to your friends at least a thousand times.

One of the latest act to be announced, Hellogoodbye will co-headline the Marshall stage with Plain White T’s this year at Slam Dunk to promote the new album S’Only Natural! But don’t fear if you can’t make it to the festival. The band will play a few shows around the UK which you can find out more about down below.

The Voice of London had a little chat with lead singer Forrest Kline.

What has the band up to? What is the message behind “S’Only Natural”?
Read it all about here:

You guys are playing Slam Dunk, how does it feel to play the UK again after a long time?
The anticipation is massive! I’ve always had an enchanted time across the pond, got no doubts I’ll be any less enchanted this time.
The lineup is huge, who are you excited to see live?
Yeah, it’s a novel! a gripping novel! stoked to see friends in the Get Up Kids, Saves That Day, New Found Glory, All Time Low, stoked for the whole punk in drublic stage… stoked to see the sunrise after an epic night and then do it again the next day!
Why have you chosen Slam Dunk as a comeback festival?
Could it be our generation’s live aid? Like our mercurial hero freddie, I knew we had to be a part of such a massive pop punk lineup. for the ages.
You’re not only playing Slam Dunk, but you’re also playing a few shows around the country. What can we expect from this tour?
The complete absence of uptightness… we’ll be bringing unbridled optimism, plenty of groove, and a bunch of love songs over in our checked baggage, no matter what they charge us at the gate.
You played a few festivals here in the UK like Reading & Leeds or Give It A Name. What are the best memories you have from those events?
Reading & Leeds were some of our biggest sets ever, very magical, we celebrated the occasion by wearing silly costumes on stage and taking the piss (laughs). I was floored we got away with playing oh, it is love in such a wild setting and treasure that.
Speaking of the UK. Name one thing you love about the UK and one thing you hate about it.
haha, its humor and charm… and hate: the two pence piece. why is it so heavy? why is it worth so little? why does it hurt so bad when Taking Back Sunday fans throw it at you for being too soft?
From Everything Is Debatable to S’Only Natural, how have you spent this 5 years in between?
We spent about 2 years touring Everything Is Debatable, then I moved and left my home studio behind. so I built a new one from the ground up when I settled, and began writing and playing with what became s’only natural in there. I did many other things in that time as well, got into woodworking and remodelled a 1950’s post and beam home, travelled a bunch, opened a farm with a friend, fell in love every morning and again at night, learned to make fresh pasta… but mostly, I care about S’Only Natural and whats next.
S’Only Natural came out a few months ago. What do you want to tell your fans with this album?
Many things, things best communicated in their native tongue: the music. but overarchingly, i wanted something that was unapologetically open that could inspire emotional bravery in an anxious heart. as an aging and somewhat unattractive human, i appear nude on the cover as a part of this proudly bear it all ethos. i’m not sure how different it is in the UK today, but i look out in america and see a lot of shame and anxiety. so i wanted to give it something unashamed and soothing. in as far as its what is happening, im happy to embarrass myself to make you more comfortable, I’m quite comfortable with it actually.
What was the process of creating this album like?
After building the space, I shaped the themes and songs. one songs, close, I had bouncing around in various attempts and iterations for almost two years. It was just a totally potent feeling I was determined to bottle properly somehow. At some points, I just didn’t want to finish it because I was living so happily inside of it. But every sensation, no matter how lovely must resolve. after developing the songs to maturity I needed to find the right players to actualize it. I’ve been lucky to collaborate with so many amazing musicians, players, creatives but each project calls for its own particular strengths and focuses. our guitarist Eric Hehr was a big part of bringing the songs into focus once we began recording. He always kept me from taking any shortcuts or misguided left turns. He also introduced me to Brendan Mccusker who became a third critical component and played drums on the record, who then brought in Brian Robert jones to play the bass parts.
You’ve been in the music industry for almost 20 years. How’s the band changed musically?
It’s such an honour to have found such a long stay here, and delightful too because I’ve never gotten bored or felt like I’d hit a wall or plateau… as I have with many other pursuits. At some point in early high school, I realised I was never going to be all that good at skateboarding, and that maybe I didn’t find it all that interesting / rewarding. similarly, with graphic/web design I hit a point of disinterest… with music it has remained an infinite void of mystery and wonder, every time i reach my hand in I pull out something new and exciting. I’ve never mastered it or found a room that didn’t have another door in it. So hopefully that comes through in the musical maturation. Y’ALL BE THE JUDGE.
If you could write a message to yourself from 20 years ago, what would that message say?
i’ve never been a mean person, but i’ve admittedly overlooked the delicious scent of others at times, too focused on my own eau de vie. So I’d say “pay attention to magic of those around you!”
 S’Only Natural is out now!
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