Has the People’s Vote March made a difference?

Thousands of people took to the streets of London this weekend to march through the capital for the People’s Vote. The anti-Brexit protesters marched at the same time MPs sat in the House of Commons discussing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s new deal.

We went down to the march and filmed it as it happened.


There were a number of signs carried throughout the march and the presence of the European Union flag was unmistakable.

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Has the march actually made a difference?

There has been little response to the event from MPs but many on Twitter have deemed it a success.

A video from the day went viral over the past week as a protester demanded an “informed vote”.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has written an article for the Huffington Post about the difficulties currently facing Brexit negotiations.

He said:”There is anger and dismay in the country at present directed at parliament. But I appeal to MPs to think about two years’ time: imagine the anger then, when we are back confronting the same no-deal or bad deal choice, but this time already out of Europe and with the livelihood of their constituents at risk.”

What’s next for the People’s Vote?

Source: www.peoples-vote.uk/letter


The group is now asking people to ‘SEND A LETTER FROM THE PEOPLE TO THE POWERFUL’  in a petition created on Saturday the 19th.

As of the 22nd October, 298,740 people have signed the letter, which asks MPs to propose another vote.

The group also reached their funding target of £550,000 for the Let Us Be Heard march, having raised a total of £562,720.20.

The funds were used to pay for social media, advertising, screens and branding for last Saturday’s march.



The People’s Vote have been contacted for comment regarding further action.

Words, video and images: Hannah Wilson | Subbing: Michelle Del Rey

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