Monday, September 24The Voice of London

Graffiti Artist: Dogonartworx

Graffiti tags, murals and beautiful masterpieces are found everywhere in London. Dogonartworx is one of many graffiti artists who’s passion for spraying on walls started at a very young age, and has grown to a more sophisticated way of using his art to spread positive messages in his local community – Tottenham.

Words: Asma Qureshi, Subeditor: Bea Renshaw

Although this art form has been frowned upon and labelled as vandalism, it has broken boundaries, especially when murals are painted to encapsulate community spirit. Dogonartworx wants to educate the youth and compel them to foster an interest in graffiti, to participate and to follow his lead and grow as a peaceful movement.

We decided to follow the artist to show you what he’s all about: