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Google+ Is Dead, Long Live Google+

After failing to make an impact in the social media world, Google have gone back to the drawing board and emerged with a reinvented social platform.

Words: Corey Armishaw

The new Google+ collections section
The new Google+ collections section

Other social media sites are more focused on people sharing information, in brief instant updates, which others can then like and share it with their friends. Having tried and failed at this format, Google have decided to redesign into a community based website, similar to websites such as Reddit and 4chan.

In a post on the official Google blog, it’s explained how their research told them the highest used aspect of the site was the Communities and Collections sections.

Because of this, the site will now act as a platform for people to create niche communities of shared interest, where they can share information and have discussions. Google mention the Watch Project Collection, where over 40,000 people follow an antique watch hobbyist.

Another reason Google might be making the shift in this direction is advertising. While they don’t currently use Google+ communities to collect signals for advertisers, it can’t be denied that it would be easier to target adverts to people grouped together in regards to their interests.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see how people respond to the new format Google+. A couple of months ago rumours were suggesting the company were planning to scrap the service.

Now it’s back with a brand new attitude, and it’s clear Google are determined to keep trying to get the site right. Whether it will succeed will remain to be seen, but the message is clear: Don’t count Google out of the social media game just yet.