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US Presidential Elections bets: go big or go home

The US Presidential election is coming to an end, and although Brexit is happening, seems like British still have some quid to spare. Who’s betting on who, and what are the odds?

Reporter: Abigail Megan Widya | Sub-editor: Maria Llamas

Counting down the hours to find out who’s the 45th President of the United States, some people intensify their excitements by putting a bet or two. On bet365 Twitter poll, Hillary Clinton seems to have the upper hand by 10%.

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Similarly, on The Ladbrokes website the odds are for a close result, with the winning percentage between 0-5% at 11/8 for Secretary of State Clinton and 11/2 for Mr Trump.

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Those playing bets are not joking around either. Even though Brexit is happening and the country’s economy is still uncertain, British have put some quids into the US 45th presidential election.

Professional gambler and freelance journalist Paul Krishnamurty is betting on Mrs Clinton, and according to his quotes on Reuters, stood to lose $28,000 is Trump wins this election. Paul is not alone in his big bets on Clinton; William Hill has at least two gamblers who are playing it huge. A woman in Durham has £183,200 at stake on a two-part wager, along with a London-based telephone client who’s ante is at £150,000 for the US first female president.

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The polls are closing by 11 PM GMT in Indiana and Kentucky and end at 5 AM GMT in Alaska. However, the final result will be clearer once the polls get to America’s defining states. Around 1 AM GMT, the poll should be in swing state Pennsylvania where it should get very interesting. Other states to watch on are North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Arizona and Colorado.

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