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Glitter Roots: All You Need To Know About The Current Trend

In recent years we’ve seen everything from multi-coloured hair, to rainbow roots to granny grey hair. This Christmas season has not gone unnoticed; the current ‘glitter roots’ trend has emerged.

Words: Michelle Whitney Subeditor: Teh Yusof

How did we end up here?

Instagram and Tumblr have been rocking crazy hair colours and trends for a while now;

Pastel Delight Source: Instagram
Pastel delight (Source: Instagram)

Then there was that time Kylie Jenner inspired everyone to want blue/green alien hair

Navy Hair Source: Instagram
Navy hair (Source: Instagram)

The awkward moment everyone wanted to prematurely age and have grey locks (it’s still a thing apparently)

lawless Grey Source: Instagram
Flawless grey (Source: Instagram)

And now the newest trend to follow on from these risqué styles is…”glitter roots”

Here is the archetypal picture everyone has been using to showcase the trend

Pink And Glitter What More Could A Girl Want? Source: Instagram
Pink and glitter, what more could a girl want? (Source: Instagram)

When we first heard about this trend we thought everyone had finally lost the plot. But it’s rather grown on us, it’s like Marmite and cheese on toast – one of life’s naughty guilty pleasures.

How to apply the glitter;

You will need hair gel, glitter (colour/s of your choice), and a brush to apply the glitter. Firstly, mix the glitter in with the gel, and then apply wherever desired with the brush. Can be applied anywhere in your hair, we particularly adore it in plaits. Looks ultra striking in this frosty weather.

Tried The Trend On My Hair And Fell In Love Source: Michelle Whitney
In love with the results (Michelle Whitney)


How to remove the glitter;

When you wash your hair be sure to use plenty of conditioner. You may have to shampoo and condition twice. As anyone whose ever used glitter in their life knows, it’s almost impossible to clean up. The tiny specks get into places you didn’t even knew existed.

Ultimately we love this trend, we predict it will be hugely successful. And we urge you all to try it out this Festive season!