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Check back here regularly for updates on the Election throughout the night.

Update 5:06am: Conservatives have officially won the election, gaining the majority 326 seats. Some seats are still yet to declare their results.

Check back later to see a final election round up on the site.


Update 4:55am: It’s looking like a significant Conservative win.

Jeremy Corbyn announced earlier this morning that he will not stand as Labour leader in the next election, following the predicted defeat in the exit polls.

Jo Swinson lost her Lib Dem seat.


Update 2:22am: Conservatives currently have 42 seats to Labour’s 43.


Update 1:59am: Lewisham East is Labour with 26,661 votes.

Arfon is PC with 13,134.

Strangford went DUP with 17,705.

Rochdale is another Labour with 24,475.

Walthamstow is Labour with 36,784.

Harrogate and Knaresborough is Conservative with 29,962.


Update 1:56am: Putney is Labour 22,780 votes.

North Down is Alliance with 18,358 votes.

Wigan is Labour with 21,042 votes.

Bracknell is Conservative with 31,894 votes.

Angus is SNP with 21,216 votes.

And Kilmarnock and Loundoun is SNP with 24,216 votes.


Update 1:55am: Knowlsley is Labour with 44,374 votes.

Leicester South is Labour with 33,606 votes

Wrexham is Conservative with 15,199 votes.

Basildon is Conservative with 29,590 votes.


Update 1:51am: A lot all at once! Chorley is Speaker 26,831 votes.

Gates Head is Labour with 20,450 votes.

Caerphilly is Labour 18,018 votes.

Makerfield also Labour 19,954 votes.

Basildon South is Conservative with 29,973 votes.

Rayleigh and Wickford is Conservative with 39,864 votes.

Peterborough is Conservative with 22,343.

Vale of Clwyd also Conservative with 17,270 votes.


Update 1:30am: Jarrow is a Labour hold 18,363 votes.


Update 1:27am: Darlington is Conservative 20,901 votes.


Update 1:25am: Kettering is Conservative with 29,787 votes.

Rutherglen and Hamilton West SNP gain with 23.775 votes.


Update 1:21am: Workington Conservative with 20,488 votes.

Fylde is Conservative with 28,432 votes.


Update 1:18am: 17,124 votes makes Wansbeck another Labour hold.


Update 1:10am: Broxbourne next Conservative hold with 30,631 votes.


Update 1:06am: Nuneaton is a Conservative hold with 27,390 votes.


Update: 1:00am: South Shields becomes another Labour hold with 17,273 votes.


Update 12:51pm: Sunderland Central stays Labour with 18,336 votes.

Halton is also Labour with 29,333 votes.


Update 12:47pm: Another Labour hold in Newcastle Upon Tyne North with 21,534 votes.


Update 12:42pm: Washington and Sunderland West wins Labour seat with 15,941 votes.


Update 12:34pm: Middlesborough remains a Labour hold with 17,202 votes.


Update 12:31pm: Swindon North has a Conservative win with 32,584 votes.


Update 12:07am: Newcastle Upon Tyne East have a Labour win. Sunderland Central have also announced a Labour victory with 18,336 votes.


Update 11:49pm: Count Binface has arrived at the count in Uxbridge ready to face Boris Johnson.


Update 11:20pm: Houghton and Sunderland South have quickly followed with their constituency resulting in a Labour win.

In Blyth Valley, Conservative have won with 17,440 votes.


Update 11:28pm: Newcastle upon Tyne Central is the first to announce it’s results! Labour won this seat with 21,568 votes.

Conservatives came away with 9,290. Lib Dems had 2,709. Brexit Party received 2,542. Green Party had 1,356.


Update 11:19pm: These are the top trends on Twitter so far:


Update 11:05pm: According to exit polls, Jo Swinson, head of the Liberal Democrats, is likely to lose her seat, according to the BBC.


Update 10pm: The exit poll results are as follows:

Majority of 86 projected
Conservative – 368
Labour – 191
SNP – 55
Liberal Democrats – 13

Don’t understand election polls? Read our explainer here.

Update: 23:20

Newcastle Central are the first constituency to announce their results with a Labour win.

Houghton and Sunderland South have quickly followed with their constituency resulting in a Labour win aswell.

In Blyth Valley, Conservative have won with 17,440 votes.

Update 23:41



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Words by Niamh Hutchings and Eleanor Dalton

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