Future princess of England Meghan Markle is mixed race

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HRH Prince Henry of Wales is to marry bi-racial / mixed race / non white American Actress.

That’s not quite what the statement from Clarence House earlier today announcing Prince Harry’s engagement said, but it may have well had.

Meghan Markle, for those who haven’t seen her plastered across newsstands up and down the country, is Prince Harry’s new girlfriend, now fiancé and soon to be wife – as soon as February next year if rumours are be to believe that they want to be married before his brother William and Kate have their third baby.

The country is delighted that Harry has finally decided to settle down with Meghan, WIlliam and Harry have capitalised on their new modern version of the Royal family and as a result, they are as popular as ever.


And yes, while it does show fundamental change in the longest of histories and traditions, the fact that Harry’s chosen partner is not white should not be front page news.

A headline from iNews Daily Briefing

As a mixed race person – whatever that means – if I got engaged to Prince Harry, if the first thing the media comments was my skin colour, I’d find that offensive. I find it offensive to watch now. Understandably, it can’t be ignored because it is a big deal. I just wish it wasn’t a big deal.

Some saw the humour in the reaction.

In the past, Meghan has spoken out about her experiences growing up mixed race, and that’s her own story to tell. For the press to pick up on her race in such a blatant way, feels awkward to many.

What actually is a big deal, is the move away from marrying into other aristocratic families. The Queen married her cousin from the Danish Royal family, before Princess Diana married Prince Charles and became a Princess, she was Lady Diana Spencer. A noble family, the Spencer’s, have held title status and had a coat of arms since 1504. So Diana wasn’t common by any means.

Kate Middleton was the most notable in recent history to break that trend, however posh she may sound after those elocution lessons, just like you and me, she’s as common as muck.

The happy couple at Kensington Palace today. BBC News

Meghan, is looking likely to take Kate’s crown as the most desirable and fashionable member of the Royal family.

The couple, who have been dating since the summer of 2016 appeared for the world’s media outside Kensington Palace where they will live after they get married in the spring.

In the shadow of all Brexit madness that continues to happen, Harry and Meghan seem to be the perfect fairytale and it looks like she’s going to be around for a while. In the run up to their wedding, lets hope the media can find some other points to focus on such as the humanitarian work she has committed herself too. 


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