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Four ways to inspire an unmotivated mind to be more creative

Most people see creativity as an innate gift — at Voice of London, we know it’s a skill. Stuck in a rut? Here’s how to get started.

Reporter: Holly Patrick | Sub-Editor: Yasmin Jeffery

Voice of London gives the low-down on the best ways to get creative I (Blue Gator Creative)


Inspiration is everywhere, but finding the motivation and knowing how to channel your creativity can often be difficult.

To make life easier, we’ve comprised four simple, easy-to-follow tips that will allow your mind to think beyond the obvious and create.


1. Look up to the sky, open your eyes and see

A dog wearing sunglasses enjoying a day on the beach | Bill Williamson
A dog wearing sunglasses enjoying a day on the beach | (Bill Williamson)


Stare into the sky, up at the clouds and into the abyss —it is as simple as that.

Do you remember trying to make sense of the clouds as a child, seeing the animals, shapes and stories in them?

This technique works exactly the same but with a mature twist. Instead of seeing and forgetting, you instead see, imagine and apply.

Apply what you see to the creation you want to make, be it a sculpture, a novel or something as simple as a birthday cake.

This is a perfect creative technique for all year round, apart from maybe when a raging thunderstorm is taking place; Voice of London does not advise going outside in one of those.


2. Let your minds wiggle and your hands squiggle

A squiggle | Voice of London
Draw anything that comes to mind to let your creative juices flow I (Holly Patrick)


This is a great technique for achieving a design you didn’t even know you wanted.

Draw lines, shapes, curves, twists; just anything your mind fathoms and fires off neurons to make your hands create.

From this you can then revaluate what you have drawn, join up and add lines.

Distinguish gibberish and nonsensical jottings from the masterpiece that lies before you.


3. Change perspectives

We are our best friend and worst enemy when it comes to our own work.

Often we conceive brilliant ideas and act on them, but end up criticising the minute details.

This is more frustrating than it is useful.

So instead of going crazy over something, just put yourself in someone else’s shoes — metaphorically speaking.

Ask yourself what would you advise someone else to do, and how would you constructively criticise, but also praise this work as if it was not yours.


4. Daydream

Day dreaming opens your mind beyond the obvious I (We Heart It)


Let your mind wander; engage in thoughtless thinking.

Daydreaming allows you to capture thoughts and ideas that would never come to you in other circumstances.

It’s a truly unique process and humans are believed to be the only species capable of it.

Daydreaming allows us to consider the future while at the same time recounting the past; surely this is a magnificent way to use our imagination and create marvellous things.