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Four Things You Need To Know About H&M Collaborations

Anyone between the ages of 18 to 24 knows about H&M. But did you know that since 2004, H&M has been getting together with some of the most famous designers in the world, including Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, David Beckham, and many others? Below are four things that you need to know about H&M Collaborations.

Words: Aktolkyn Auyen, Subeditor: Teh Yusof

1.Although Karl Lagerfeld’s collection for H&M sold out within hours, the designer has refused to work with the retailer again. Lagerfeld blamed H&M’s management for not making enough clothes to cope with demand, and was “offended by the chain’s decision to produce…clothes in larger sizes than he envisaged.”

carllag Thore Siebrands

2. Jump forward a year and to H&M’s collaboration with Stella McCartney. The advertising campaign for McCartney’s designs was originally intended to feature the supermodel Kate Moss. Unfortunately, our Kate was hanging out with boyfriend Pete Docherty, the lead singer of the rock group Babyshambles, at the time. At a recording session in West London, Kate was secretly videotaped drinking shots of vodka and whiskey and snorting five lines of cocaine. After the images found their way on to the front pages of the tabloid newspaper the Daily Mirror, Kate was dropped by H&M, and replaced by Italian model Mariacarla Boscono. However, the Moss scandal didn’t stop the crowd snapping up McCartney bargains at H&M’s store in Oxford Street when the collection hit the high street. Lucky shoppers picked up skinny jeans for £39.99, black wool double-breasted tailored coats for an unbelievable £99.99 and a sweater dress for £59.99 (normal retail price for something similar – £495!)

3. In 2006, H&M went for something a bit different and collaborated with eccentric fashion house Viktor and Rolf. Famous for making clothes no one wanted to wear, their weird fashion shows became something of a talking point. In 2000, the pair took tap dancing lessons and danced their way on to the catwalk during one of their shows. In 2002, they dressed supermodel Maggie Rizereir in nine layers of crystal-encrusted dresses, and placed her on a revolving plinth, where she was undressed layer by layer. For one of their shows, Tori Amos sang a 15-minute version of Songs Of Solomon, while models wore gigantic pillows instead of collars.

vicsec Celeste Canino

4. Don’t worry if computer gaming is not your style, but one of the strangest H&M collaborations arrived in 2007. You may not have heard of The Sims, but these games are some of the biggest in the gaming world. As a player you get to control a bunch of computer people, find them jobs, build their houses, make friends, adopt pets, and even get them to marry each other and have babies. More importantly, you can decide what they wear and even buy new outfits for them. This is where H&M come in. Together with the developers of The Sims, Maxis, H&M created an add-on pack for the main game called H&M Fashion Stuff. Glorified free advertising for H&M or a genuine and fun addition to an already successful computer game – the jury is still out on this one.

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