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Four Things From ‘Hunted’ You Should Know Before Disappearing

How long can you be on a run, away from your friends and family? How long can you be unseen by any camera, without devices who can give anyone a single clue about your location?

Reporter: Natalia Sokolowska | Sub-Editor: Andrew Whiteford


Credit: Hunted HQ’s Facebook page

10 fugitives taking part in the second season of Channel 4’s ‘Hunted’ have to disappear for 4 weeks. But making sure that nobody can spot you is apparently a hard thing to do!

So here we are, five weeks after the show started, with only one episode left. What mistakes have been made by the ones who already lost?

  • Going to restaurant and being loud after Hunted HQ is publishing your pictures with a money prize for any tips. Be careful, your behavior can upset a bartender who will make the deciding call just to get rid of you. (Hamish Thorburn and Mikaela Skinner)
  • Plan a secret meeting with your friends through comments on Amazon. You can be then caught by a human bush running faster than you. (Lolly Jones)
  • Surprisingly it’s not a secret family meeting at the day of your son’s first birthday that makes you lose. It is going to the restaurant. Also try avoiding discussing your escape plan via messages. (Jez Scarratt and Kirk Bowett)
  • Splitting with your friend and getting on a train to see your friend. Behaving in a very suspicious way while waiting on a platform just to avoid the cameras. You should stay in your pair! (Madu Alikor)


Four people are still in the game. Is it a true success or just mixture of luck and coincidence?

Anna May and Elizabeth Garnett– childhood friends who decided to go on a run together. When their pictures go online, they have to change locations. After anonymous tip-off, their ‘trusted’ driver is meeting with hunters, accepting money for sharing a drop-off place. They manage to run before the hunters arrive without realizing how lucky they actually are.

Nick Cummings– house husband from Somerset. In the beginning of his journey we watch him almost being caught, but his inability to follow the planned path turns out to be a good thing. He got lost in the city and decides to change the route. Since that point he manages to meet with a friend and a wife with making hunters clueless about his location.

Ayo Adesina– originally paired with Madu Alikor, but split up during the last episode after not reaching an agreement.  The difference in their behaviour was noticable from the first episode, while Ayo tried stopping a friend from using his phone. Going different ways turned out to be a bad thing for Madu, who has been caught during the same episode.