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Food Events Not To Be Missed Over The Weekend

Real food lovers know that food is not just and simply fuel for our human needs. While the taste and the way it looks, might be vital components of the food, here at VOL food we appreciate the experience too. So if you want to have more than just a dinner this weekend, we offer you a list of the best pop up venues.

Words: Lyubomira Ivanova, Subeditor: Denisa Rosca

  1. TickTack Club- Southwark, SE1

    The Tick Tack Club, Photo source: Instagram
    The Tick Tack Club, Photo source: Instagram

An immersive experience, which as the name of the club suggests, turns the clock backwards and takes you to the 1920’s when “posh” dining was “a thing” and gambling was “a must”.

Located in Southwark, this place offers its visitors the amazing opportunity to experience the two cultures of “Upstairs” and “Downstairs” with good food, warming drinks and exciting evening of entertainment, inspired from the 1920’s.

The introductory price of £35 for the weekend, includes a 4-course set dinner and nice cocktails to cheer you up.

And there is just one house rule: “dress to impress”. As you are attending a “time travelling event” and you are part of the experience, make sure your look is inspired from the 1920s.

  1. PoPdown at The Vaults- Waterloo Station

    The art behind cooking, Photo Source: Tumblr
    The art behind cooking, Photo Source: Tumblr

If you are looking for an unusual dining Popdown at The Vaults is definitely your place. It is more about the interaction and definitely more than just a dinner. Fine dining experience with top-trained chefs, sharing platters and plates and meeting new people. Sounds fun, right?

Pop down this weekend, underneath Waterloo Station to find one of the most inspiring venues where the best of the seasonal food will be offered for £39 in 5 course meal.

And that’s not all. The venue has a bar serving “Chefs cocktails”, specially designed by the chefs to add more twist and “elevate these drinks to new levels”, as their website says.

  1. Fowlds Feasts- 3 Addington Square

    Sunday Feast, Photo Source: Facebook
    Sunday Feast, Photo Source: Facebook

This Sunday, 29th of November, the Fowlds Cafe is hosting a pop-up super club evening where Richard McGeown, Chef Patron of Couch’s Great House Restaurant, will design and prepare seasonal menu for the night.

The course options are limited to either meat or vegetarian meals, all included in the price of £35. The event might not be as unique as the other two, but it is an opportunity to taste something different and to have a chilled night with friends.

It starts at 6pm this Sunday, so be there on time.