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Fix Your Frizzy And Dry Hair With Botox

Botox review:

Reporter: Amina Sadik | Sub editor: Pinar Djafer


(credit to me)

After following celebrities in the middle east using the Hair Botox treatment, I wanted to try it for myself, but I didn’t know where to go. Although you can buy DIY Hair Botox easily online on sites such as Amazon, I wanted mine professionally done.

After searching online for a salon in London, I finally found the FE salon in Kendal Street. I had an amazing experience at this salon and will definitely be going back for another Botox treatment. The FE salon is the only salon in London that provides Hair Botox treatment. They too had only heard of it through Middle Eastern users.

I went from brown to blonde three years ago and since then I have kept my roots blonde. My hair is to the bottom of my back so you can imagine it needs looking after. I hate getting my hair cut because I love my long hair and only get my split ends done once every four months. When I saw the condition of the celebrities hair all I could ask myself how do they keep it in such good condition! there must be a secret and thank god I found it on snapchat. The Hair Botox has made my hair go from dull and dry to healthy and shiny.

Not only are they very welcoming but their services are very pleasing and they provide a variety of hair treatments with amazing offers.

The hair Botox consists of three steps:

  1. Washing your hair with shampoo
  2. Apply the Botox mask on to wet hair and place under heated cap for 20 minutes
  3. Wash mask off and apply cream to wet hair then blow dry14642429_10211094071490073_2657826926345414603_n

(credit to me)

You definitely notice a big difference after your hair has been blow dried. It instantly feels thicker and looks much healthier than before. After my first treatment I couldn’t see any split ends. I could run my fingers through my hair without it going frizzy or getting knotty.

Hair Botox is also known for deeply conditioning the hair, leaving frizz-free and lustrous. With its unique micro-keratin formula, Hair Botox penetrates deep into the hair within 20 minutes.

You may wonder if getting Keratin products are just the same. Hairdressers claim that Hair Botox uses less harmful chemicals than Keratin and boosts the health of your hair.


(credit to me)

For those with fine hair, hair Botox is the perfect solution for keeping your hair glamorous and looking fuller.

Hair Botox is not yet popular in the UK with only two salons providing the treatment. However, it is likely that with the incredible results, it will soon be the next best thing.


(credit to me)