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Five foods vegans can get from McDonald

McDonald’s is renowned for its hamburgers and chicken nuggets, but it is experiment with vegetarian food as well.

Reporter: Yueer Wang | Subeditor: Phương Thu Nguyễn

Credit: Wikimedia

McDonald, one of the most favoured fast food chains in London, is about to offer traditional products such as burgers or chicken nuggets.

Chain restaurant might not be a good place for vegetarian meals. However, in fact, McDonald provides dairy and egg-free foods which are suitable for vegans. Here are the products you can get from McDonald:


1. Vegetable Deluxe

Credit: McDonald

This burger is perfect for vegetarians, since its patty is made from chick peas, coriander and cumin.


2. Spicy Vegetable Deluxe

Credit: McDonald

For those who fancy spicy foods, the veggie patty with sweet chilli sauce in a toasted sesame bun will be a good choice.


3. Hash Brown

Credit: McDonald

For hash brown, eggs are usually used as an “adhesive” to bind shredded potatoes together. Surprisingly, McDonald uses cornflour instead of eggs, making hash brown a safety food for vegans.


4. Shaker Side Salad

Credit: McDonald

Green leaves are definitely vegan foods! Mc Donald’s Shaker Side salad is a mixture of fresh salad leaves, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. It’s a low-calorie product.


5. Fries

Credit: McDonald

Fries are a kind of vegetarian foods, and vegans can go for golden-brown and crispy deeply fried potatoes in McDonald. According to the chain’s online answer, “the fries are not coated in any fats or substance from an animal”, because they are fried in sunflower and vegetable oil. And Vegetarian Society accredits McDonald’s fries officially.