Five EASY last minute Halloween make-up looks

By B Saphiel

It’s that time of the year again! If you’re looking for simple but spooky looks for this year, look no further. We’ve got you! Here are five looks you can achieve with anything in your make-up bag. So, empty your bag and let’s get started.


This pigtail look is channeling Harley Quinn. All you need for this look is a black pencil, white face cream and a red lipstick. Of course, you can go for the classic Harley Quinn pink and blue colours if you happen to have that in your make-up bag.  To achieve this look, simply draw triangles at the top of your eyebrows and underneath your eyes. Outline it with a white face cream to conceal around it.  Use the black pen to outline your lips and lastly use your red lipstick to fill in your lips.


Cutesy Spider Web look. As per usual, I’d recommend you do a full face beat before drawing on your lines. This includes, contouring, baking and highlighting. For this look, you’ll need an orange eyeshadow to shade around your eyes. Use the black pencil to shade your eyelid and go underneath your lower lashes to almost create a smokey eye effect, but very lightly. Don’t expect perfection when drawing the spiderweb especially if you’re not artistically inclined (like myself). Just have fun with it!


This is a five minute ‘Lion King’ inspired look. This look is so simple and easy you only need three items to complete it. After you’ve put on your foundation, contoured your face for more depth and dimension, take a black pencil, red lipstick and a setting powder. Draw on your eyebrows, outline your lips and fill them in with a red lipstick. Lastly use the setting powder around your lips and chin. I went easy on the setting powder, but I’d recommend you fully go for it for a much better outcome.


This classic Halloween scarecrow look would be great for a party. The fake freckles look is pretty fun to make and looks gorgeous on everyone. Get a fluffy brush and your orange eyeshadow. Blend the eyeshadow on your cheekbones and on your nose in concentric circles. Use your black pencil to dot all over your cheeks and temple. Line your bottom lip with your black pencil. Lastly, draw a line across your lips and make x’s within them to create a spooky scarecrow effect.


Bloody hell! For someone who hates Halloween, blood and everything related, I really outdid myself here. This is pretty simple to achieve. You only need a white face cream, and some fake blood. I must admit, that you might not find this in your make-up bag and you might need to make a trip to the store. These items are inexpensive, and easy to find around this time of year. Get a thin make-up brush and simply stroke up and down your neck and carefully drip the fake blood around your neck and face to achieve this look. You can freestyle this look and get as creative as you want with it. I hope you have as much fun creating these looks as I did. And I hope one these inspires your Halloween look this year. Happy Halloween!








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