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Famous Peckham Car Park To Be Transformed Into Creative Hub

Plans to turn a famous Peckham car park into London’s biggest group of art studios will not be going ahead

Words: Tenelle Ottley-Matthew, Subeditors: Bea Renshaw, Keziah Leary

Source: Loz Pycock – Flickr

Southwark Council has rejected a proposal developed by art organisation Bold Tendencies and creative workspace Second Home, which aimed to create 800 affordable artist studios in Peckham. The proposal was developed in an attempt to address the glaring issue of artists struggling to find studio space in the capital.

The multi-storey car park will instead be taken over by Pop Community, a partnership between Carl Turner Architects and property developers The Collective. The two also happen to be the team behind Pop Brixton, the new “community campus” which opened earlier this year.

They have been selected by Southwark Council to act as the interim manager for the car park for the next five years, and aim to create 50 affordable studio and workshop spaces; as well as putting in a café, pop-up shops and multi-use event spaces. It is thought that Pop Communitys transformation of the site will create more than 600 jobs. All tenants will consist of local independent businesses, who will have to invest at least an hour a week into “community give-back” programmes.

Unfortunately, plans to redevelop Peckham’s iconic disused car park in the long-term still remain. Despite the “frustrating” rejection, Bold Tendencies and Second Home are determined to achieve their goal of providing affordable studios to London’s artists. They are looking for a new home for their project, to be named BOLD | HOME.