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Extraordinary Auction At Christie’s New York Tomorrow

An auction worth millions of dollars will be hosted tomorrow at Christie’s in New York. A careful selection of 34 pieces will be contested, with collectors coming to the city from all over the place, willing to spend millions.

Words: Costanza Maraffio, Subeditor: Bea Renshaw


An auction at Christies. Source: Wikipedia
An auction at Christies. Source: Wikipedia

The Artist’s Muse
is the special auction that Christie’s is hosting in New York tomorrow Monday 9th November 2015, which will gather together collectors from around the world. The catalogue celebrates the subjects that have inspired the greatest artists to produce some of their finest works. There are 34 modern and contemporary pieces in total, valued at an overall estimate of $440 – $542 millions. The auction will begin with the sensual “Nudo disteso” (meaning lying nude) by Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920), estimated to sell for over $100 million. It was painted in 1917-18, and is part of a series of nudes made for Leopold Zbrorowski, the Polish poet, writer and art dealer.

Another nude that will be exposed is from Gustave Coubert. When the painting was revealed for the first time in 1862, it stayed hung on the wall only for six minutes, as it was seen to be too provocative. The estimated price for the piece will be between $15 – 25 million.

Another great piece (that hasn’t been on the market for more than twenty years) is Roy Lichtenstein’s “Nurse”. The pop-style nurse has no price yet, and is on the catalogue ‘on request’. According to Christie’s experts, the piece may be worth “only” $80 million, but other sources claim that it may reach $100 million.

So, if you have millions in your bank account, get on a plane and head to Christie’s!