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Dreaming of living in central London? #Goals

Choosing  a flat to rent in London can be a hassle. Finding a quality apartment can be an even bigger challenge but that’s the price we have to pay to live in the cosmopolitan city. Aktolkyn Auyen, Izza Hina and Tsakane Chabane explore the popular areas of Baker Street, Bayswater and Hampstead to help you with your selection.


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  • Baker Street was laid in the 18th century by William Baker and has always been a high-class area.

  • Bayswater is one of the most cosmopolitan areas, with notable residents like Sting and Keira Knightly. And on Sundays artists and photographers showcase their work on railings beside Kensington Gardens.

  • Between the 1980s and the 1990s, Hampstead was growing into an area with many luxury flats and housing. There are more millionaires in this area than anywhere else in Britain.

Who doesn’t want to live in zone 1? Baker Street, Marylebone and Sloane Street are dream areas for many Londoners.

Many of us are struggling to make ends meet. Not only are we worried about paying off student loans, we also have to burden ourselves with the sky-rocketing rents in London. To add to the misery we are all beginning our professional careers with a bitter smile and a shot of vodka in one hand to keep on top of all our bills.

We may aspire to live right in the centre of one of the world’s best cities. However, what does living there actually entail? Our team went to three different locations to find out the perks of getting an apartment there.

Our first stop was Merchant Square, which is just three minutes walk away from Paddington station. Now, can we get anymore central than that?

Well, if you cannot stretch your budget and your job doesn’t pay that much, then Bayswater may be the ideal location for you.

Finally, if you are still not won over, we have another property for you in Hampstead. It may be a good ten minutes walk to get to the Finchley Road station but the apartments prices may just suit you fine.

We have shown you the pros and cons, now you know what living in Central London looks like. Ask yourself one question. Are you ready to compromise the location for a better apartment or the city’s high life is what you want to embrace? Decisions, decisions…