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#DotAlchemy Connects Women Through Fashion

Women shared their stories through fashion and encouraged each other to collaborate in business at networking event called #DotAlchemy. Women from all around the fashion industry spoke about what brought them into fashion industry.

Words: Tsakane Chabane, Subeditor: Christie Bannon

Nanna from Splendid Stitches showing off her vintage ensembles. (Tsakane Chabane)

HubDot is women’s networking group that strives to connect women from all over the world with ideas to women who can help those ideas materialise. They host events where like-minded women get to meet and socialise. However, they remove the formalities of networking, which makes the experience of sharing your story and ideas enjoyable. And inspired by their events, HubDot launched an online version for their website.

“At our events we ask women to choose a coloured Dot. Each represents a different mindset or ambition. Wearing a Dot, it’s easy to spark conversations with others.” –

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15 year-old Iona stood in front of the crowd at Anthropologie in Regent’s Street an event to launch and told us about her mum’s struggle through cancer and how the charity Look Good Feel Better helped her feel beautiful. Iona expressed that she would like to start a similar charity which would provide a full makeover, including clothing, for breast cancer survivors. More stories like Iona’s were heard on Wednesday. Follow my Snapstory through the evening:

Lucy Tammam of House of Tammam, whose bridal fashion line is made ethically and to be eco-friendly and sustainable, spoke about her journey from being laughed at for trying to be eco-friendly to becoming a successful designer.

And one of the Birdsong founders, Sophie Slater, told us about their fair trade fashion. Birdsong gives the women’s charities and groups a platform to sell their clothing online. The also give those women who make their products up to 85% of the profits. These women range “from groups in Malawi to seamstresses on Brick Lane”.

Do you have an idea that you’re just dying to make a reality? You can  register with and share your story. Basically you pick a Dot and off you go. Each dot represents what kind of story you want to tell.